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Why Join Our Thrilling Midweek Football League?

  • Our league features a free-entry cup:

    Filled with excitement on the road to the final.

  • Enjoy the finest amateur cup finals:

    London Football finals are renowned as the #1 in London.

  • Track player stats and team progress:

    Stay informed about performance and follow your team's journey on our dynamic website.

  • Get social media updates on stats and results:

    Frequently updated to proudly showcase your achievements.

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  • Strive for glory with monthly trophies & medals:

    Compete for recognition and bragging rights.

  • Benefit from FREE player insurance coverage:

    Play with peace of mind knowing you're protected.

  • One of London's most respected leagues:

    With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, it holds a cherished place in our heritage.

  • Compete against friendly yet competitive teams:

    Challenge your skills against enthusiastic opponents.

  • Be part of an FA-accredited league with qualified FA referees:

    Ensuring the best grassroots football experience.

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